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Scientists from Indiana University found that when men were shown images of women making an advance, they tended to see sexual cues as being merely friendly, and saw friendly gestures as showing sexual interest.

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Women who read romance novels are more easily seduced than those women who don't, and have sex twice as often, a study found."I'll probably call her tomorrow and cancel," Lyons says when he returns to his table."She's not hot enough for me." In 2005, journalist Neil Strauss published , a funny, articulate and bestselling account of his life among the Californian PUA community, men who believed they had found a foolproof way to lure women into bed using a by-numbers system of language and mannerism, based in part on Neuro-Linguistic Programming.The 33-year-old approaches, chats up and passionately kisses a girl known only as Emma... Step 1: Russell Brand approaches Emma at Watsons Bay in Sydney Harbour as she waits for the ferry Step 2: In skinny jeans and flip-flops, he impresses with his literary criticism He spotted the attractive blonde at Watsons Bay while waiting for a harbour ferry and with time to kill decided to make friends.As she sat on the wall reading a book with her fish and chips and a bottle of water, he sauntered over and took a look before appearing to launch into a reading - or at least a discussion on its literary merits.

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