Funny dating quiz

If you've heard something shocking about someone you're friends with, find a considerate way of asking them about it personally.If you're not sure how to talk to them about it, seek the advice of one other trusted friend, but don't let the discussion turn into a free-for-all about everything you don't like about the person.Pro Profs Quiz Maker is the perfect software to create and deliver online exams and tests.

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Maybe you've got a sneaking suspicion that your best friend has the hots for you. Here are a few signs that he or she is probably into you.

However, you will always feel you've been true to yourself -- and that you haven't become somebody else's clone.

Friends don't spread rumors about other friends -- even within their own group.

You certainly wouldn't be happy if someone did that to you, so set a good example for others -- and for yourself.

At some point, somebody you're not tight with is going to question the integrity of one of your friends.

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