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Brought to you by double board-certified Birmingham, Alabama Plastic Surgeon, Rob Oliver, Jr, MD. Oliver's homepage can be found @ B-list actor Gabriel Olds pens this piece for the August 2008 Glamour magazine titled, "Why men crave real (not perfect) bodies".

Back at Yale, Olds starred in and directed the Shakespearean drama Richard II, to positive notices.

Providing a life-changing experience that comes close to stopping the heartbeat are the mind-shattering insight, the writing, Robin Larsen's breathtaking direction, and, maybe above all, Gabriel Olds' performance as George Love, supreme con artist, and Deborah Puette's as Adelaide, his willing mark.

Monsieur Olds I have breasts implants, and before I got them I spent my entire life being ridiculed by both men and women. I was nothing but a nipple and I always felt like less of a woman.

I couldn't find clothes that fit well, bathing suits were a nightmare, and shopping for bras was nearly impossible.

I made the decision to undergo breast augmentation not because I wanted to be "perfect," it was because I wanted to be "normal".

I mean really, to dump someone/doubt their honesty because they didn't immediately tell you about a surgery?!

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