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What we guarantee once we have said we can take you on, is that we can give you the opportunity to meet good single people. We are the only agency to do follow up after every first date.

If you can say to us on the follow up "nice person, I can see why you introduced us" then that is counted as a success as that's all we can promise.

We turn away people who we don't have the right matches for.

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Today, we’re talking about my all time favorite drill for developing top speed and top end speed (maximum velocity) mechanics: The Wicket Drill Ask my athletes what their favorite ‘workout’ is and I can guarantee you 98% will say ‘wicket drills!!!!

We start at 27 and our oldest clients are early 70's.

The 30 - 50 age group is where we are the busiest, the most balanced and therefore have the most success.

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