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A version control system (VCS) allows you to track the history of a collection of files.

It supports creating different versions of this collection.

If your company hosts its email system using Microsoft Exchange, you have the benefit of a centrally-managed address book called the Global Address List, or GAL.

Maintained by your IT department and stored on the Exchange server, the GAL usually contains names, addresses and email information for everyone in your organization with a company email address.

However, I admit that larger companies may have compelling business reasons for customizing the address book.

To them I say: make changes to the GAL immediately after installing Exchange 2003 and certainly before you build the first email address. If you change the Exchange GAL display order from: Firstname Lastname, to Lastname, Firstname, it only affects new users.

I like the Permissions Monitor because it enables me to see quickly WHO has permissions to do WHAT.If your company is moving from Exchange to another email system, or if you want a quicker response time when addressing emails, you can also add items from the GAL to your locally-stored contacts folder in Outlook. Highlight all the entries that you’d like to export to your local contacts folder.To export the entire GAL, press “Ctrl-A” to select everything, including any distribution groups. in English and journalism from Roger Williams University.Please enter your username and password and click Sign In.Your security as you use this Web site is of the utmost importance to us.

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