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“There’s a lot of simplicity with a one-fund solution.

When you put your retirement plan in place with one of these target date funds, you’re really putting it on autopilot,” says Shannon Dalziel, an investment adviser with PWL Capital in Toronto.

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The Pro Quest Historical Newspapers Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail are two databases that allow users to search for words and phrases in complete issues of these newspapers.

These databases display images of the newspapers as they were originally published, including news stories, editorials, photographs, advertisements, classifieds, and birth, marriage, and death notices.

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The same can be said for any long-term savings goal, such as saving for a child’s education.The funds are popular in the United States, where many employers set them as the default option for defined-contribution pension plans. players, such Vanguard, eventually move into the Canadian market in the coming years, target date funds could rise in popularity for employer retirement plans. They’re perfect for those experiencing investor apathy fuelled by a lack of knowledge.Investors pick the target date they expect to retire – say, 2030 or 2040 – then make automatic monthly contributions, and the money presumably grows until then. They are also good for those feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of investment options.But if I don't want a family or want to have stepkids, then dating same age or older is the way to go. How can I tell you if you want to have kids or not?I do find it rather cold when people, male or female, pick partners as breeding machines.

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