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YM: No, if you kiss me, I’ll punch your f*cking face off.

That\'s what Susanna thought walking across a lovely meadow and breathing mild warm air.

She's already helped him film some x-rated footage, after asking him to delete a sexy video of an ex-girlfriend from his phone.

Transcript Older man (OM): (To younger man) *Incoherent rambling* You’re a f*cking gay. Younger man (YM): this is my friend, you’re being very rude to her so OM: Not rude! OM: Don’t touch her ok, I’m gonna slap you, I’m gonna slap you.

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[Verse 1] Any nigga couldn't sit in my chair Yeah it's on nigga this is my year I done ran through all this fly gear Louboutin shoes more than five pairs You don't like me, what the fuck do I care?

OM: I’m talking to him, not talking to you YMF: This is very rude. OM: I want you to f*ck me tonight YM: Sorry, please leave us alone. Helpful bystander 1 (HB1) enters the scene HB1: Would you please.

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Horny Indian cam girls on the edge to getting really slutty and dirty on live cam. *HB1 gently pushes older man away from the younger man* YMF: This is sexual harassment HB1: But, why don’t you go somewhere else. *HB1 positions herself between the 2 parties* OM: I’m calm. OM: Singapore got no law, you can touch me, I can touch you. Co-written by PARTYNEXTDOOR and only released as a deluxe edition bonus cut, it presents Rihanna as more fantasy than human, just as we’d known her before.But I’m glad it was eventually pushed as a single anyway, because there’s no disputing: sex with Rihanna is amazing, and that she says so is no less revolutionary than Beyoncé’s proclamation that she woke up like that. We do all this hard work, and there’s no vacation from it.

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