Hibernate java list not updating

In above example, ‘merged Persistent Emp Entity’ is new entity which is persistent.So if you want to any more change, then make in in ‘merged Persistent Emp Entity’ instance.

package com.journaldev.hibernate.model; import javax.persistence. User WHERE user Id=" tester1User Id()); sql Result Transformer(Criteria. This one gets updated but not the original User-Object as long as it is not newly retrieved from the database. Modifications made by the database (like CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or any kind of trigger) aren't recognized by the entity you are trying to save.ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP); List list = sql Query.list(); String test = list.get(0)String(); And it gave me the set value from mysql: Date: Why does it not write it in the object? All modifications have to be made by the java application.In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.When switching from Hibernate to JPA a lot of people are dismayed to find that method missing. And figuring out what piece of code persisted (or merged or retrieved) that other entity is harder than figuring out why we get a "detached entity passed to persist" message.

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