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It may be either flint infillings between stone slabs motared onto a wall (creating, for example, chequer patterns and bands) or inlays of flint fitted into small, carefully-shaped recesses in stone slabs (to form trefoil-headed panels or heraldic shields, etc).Flushwork tracery reached its apogee during the 15A.When freshly extracted from chalk, these are black with a white crust, but weathered flints – from fields, river-beds, beaches or gravel pits – can vary in colour from blue and grey to yellow, brown and orange. Knapped flints are nodules split to achieve a deliberate aesthetic effect rather than those simply fractured, ie broken naturally or crudely severed to reduce them to a convenient size.Knapping involves breaking the flint into workable pieces (‘quartering’) and, with finer work, chipping away (‘flaking’) to even the surface and square the end.‘Flushwork’ comprises knapped flint set on the same plane (ie flush) as the face of dressed stone.

At this point it has become evident that the Big Bang model and its evolutionary timeline are in serious trouble.The evolution model does not provide an explanation for the cause of the Big Bang event, nor can it explain the apparent design of the laws and constants of nature.If it all happened by chance, the universe should be bubbling with life, however earth has emerged as potentially the only planet where life is possible and it seems rather uniquely “prepared” for observation of our solar system, our galaxy and the rest of space.Frequently asked about flintwork, the SPAB has brought out a new Technical Pamphlet on the care and repair of walls constructed from this curious material.Here Douglas Kent, SPAB Technical Secretary, takes the opportunity to review some of the key issues addressed by the pamphlet. Flint is a fine-grained silica, very hard, impervious and occurring typically as small, irregular nodules.

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