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Slover played the lead trumpet in the fanfare for the Mayor of Oz who welcomes Dorothy to the Technicolor dream.

He was among the 124 midgets, most born with pituitary deficiencies, hired by MGM for the 10-minute scene that includes the songs Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead and Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

" Viva La Muerte the Pint Size Pepper is her stage name and, like any performer performing under the guise of being a one-dimensional act, Pint Size Pepper is way more than a stereotype.

She's outrageously self-aware and ridiculously good at what she does.

David Funes, 25, and Joey Navedo, 30, are both entertainers living in New York, and they both have the most common type of dwarfism, achondroplasia. Their experiences often converge, but not always given their personality types (Funes is more soft spoken and modest; Navedo is extroverted and outrageous).

At first, I was told -- and thought -- we were going to That was the first time I ever set foot in a strip club, and would be the most exposure I'd have to that particular world for a few more years. I found myself at a variety show one night at a theater in the city to surprise an old friend I saw in the lineup.

The show had several burlesque acts in it and I fell in love with what I saw.

When you’re doing midget bowling, you’re only there for one purpose: Be the ball.”Funes, 25, lives in Astoria with his parents, as he has his whole life. They realized he had dwarfism as soon as he was born.

His parents grew up in Argentina and moved to the U. Giving birth to the only known member of their family with dwarfism was initially “devastating” to his parents and used by his father’s family in rural Argentina as fodder for conflict (his mother’s and father’s families have a longstanding rivalry in their hometown of Mendoza).

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