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It is said that at sunset a sentry would blow the bugle and hold a torch (Kannada:panju) which was visible from the other three watch towers (one on the southern bank of the Kempambudi tank on the west, the second near Ulsoor Lake in the east and the third tower adjoining Ramana Maharshi Ashram on Bellary Road, namely Mekhri Circle in the north).This was done to inform people that everything was safe at that location and to give a warning bugle call to alert the citizens of any intruders into the city.By 2013, India is mulling over to outlay about US Billion to upgrade its main road network.

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Peninsular Gneiss of the region is dated 2500 to 3400 million years that accreted in three major episodes, i.e. The quarries of Lalbagh are of great importance for researches on earth sciences towards evolution of the terrain. Stone quarry of this gneiss still continues to be an endless source material for research in the various branches of earth science.

Indian Textiles India has a celebrated textile tradition dating back to a few centuries.

Indian textiles have been appreciated, admired and adored all over the world.

According to the data furnished in 2002, just 47.3% of the Indian roadways network comprised paved roads.

In 2012 India had only 600 km expressways whereas at the same time China had 74,000 km.

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