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If you have the kind of parents who set a lot of rules and are basically just super strict about everything from grades to boys to friends, trust me when I say that I feel your pain.

I finally got fed up and did a no-no--I double dosed her with RID, and then Nix in one day. I have an 11 yr old son that has them,we get rid of them and it seems like they come right back within a week or two. I have tried the RID, NIX, LICEICE, I tried vegetable oil with a bag over the head for 2 hours to try to suffocate them, someone even told me to put mayonayse in the hair and then cover the head with a plastic bag for a couple of hours and this would take care of it. I mean really, I have boys, so I cut their hair a little bit shorter if they get lice so that its easier, so I thought, to get out.As mentioned above, Victor and Hugo were based on the two five-time villains of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula; while Gaston was a tall, thin black stork, and Pierre a stubby, short parakeet, both Victor and Hugo were humans, but they lived in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals (possibly to allow for guest appearances from other, non-human Cosgrove Hall characters).Many of the actions and phrases first used for Gaston and Pierre were reused for Victor and Hugo, such as Gaston shoving Pierre's beret in his mouth to keep him quiet, "Why is it that it is? ", and "It is your fault, it is all your fault, it is always your fault! Additional characters (such as Interpol the parrot, Ernst Underfelt, Monsieur Meccaneaux and the Hobbes-Sutclyffe family) were created specifically for this show; the character of Wyatt Eartle in the fourth episode "Cowboys and Indiscipline" is also a parody of Wyatt Earp (and a reference to the fact that he is a turtle) while the character of Achilles Marrot in the thirteenth episode "Blunder on the Orient Express" is a parody of Hercule Poirot (the episode's name is also a spoof of Murder on the Orient Express).They didn’t approve of D, who was your typical insufferable emo teenager (my mom wanted me to date the blonde, tall, good-looking captain of the football team. D and I were obsessed with each other, but my parents weren’t having it.They quickly made a rule that I wasn’t allowed to see D during the week, only on the weekends… Since we couldn’t hang out together Monday-Thursday, D and I would talk on the phone for all hours of the night. When considering the other things most high school kids do and go through, my parents should have been on their knees thanking me for being the daughter I was.

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