Internet dating for boomers

If you have the qualifications, you may be in charge of helping to prepare annual tax returns.

The - Information for seniors and Boomers on our history, health, fitness, and retirement living.

However, I liked the feeling of being on a bicycle, so I went out and bought a new cruiser bike for myself. which happens less and less as I get more comfortable on my new toy). Cycling Is Low Impact Exercise I’ve had two major neck surgeries and I can only walk "so far" before my neck starts to hurt from the impact of each step.

Well, her "comfort" bike turned out to be a bit too high for me and I had a minor crash. so the rest of you Boomer Babes can have the same fun that I have (as long as some racing biker doesn't freak me out and make me crash... Well, everyone likes something different because everyone's bod is different, and everyone rides differently.

I have paid attention to the ground or the floor as I walk.

I don't know if that was due as much to me being accident prone or due to me having found money on the floor or ground many more times than once.

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