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We looked at each other and smiled, smiles that spread across our faces as wide as the slices of watermelon that we had nibbled earlier that day.

Finally we were alone together in a room, the fulfillment of a decade-long ambition.

Amid the splendour of Imam Sadiq mosque in central Tehran, a room full of prayer leaders stare at pictures of conservative politicians and listen to a series of lectures.

Many bloggers, online activists, and technical staff have faced jail terms, harassment and abuse.The government's response has included requiring the use of Iranian email systems, blocking popular webmail services, inhibiting encryption use by disabling VPNs and HTTPS, and banning externally developed security software.Internet censorship increased with the administration of conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005.We were nervous with each other, touching gingerly at first, barely daring to reach out.This night together was the culmination of years of yearning, years of longing looks and “accidental” brushes against each other.

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