Is jillian harris dating a pro athlete

“I think Scheana’s gonna be the next victim to go down…Um, I just see her as someone who doesn’t really think for herself and, she’s kind of, and I hate saying this cause I really do like her, she’s just conflicted.

So I feel she is kind of stupid and weak.” Lala explains during an interview with The Tomorrow Show, “I just think She’s going to be bullied.

The bubbly brunette returns to TV this week as co-host of the real estate series “Love It or List It Vancouver” and says she’s hoping to establish herself as a serious designer, despite her sensational TV past.

Which, to be that, you have to be involved with all the girls because they’re the head of the show.

You know, I don’t think she was willing to be in a position like me, because, I don’t have anybody that has my back.” Lala responds to Jax’s claim that she was fired, “Well I find this very funny that he said I got fired because, I mean if I’m not on the TV my name is being said.

Since gaining fame on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” Harris says she turned down several offers to expose her love life anew.

“There were a few things that came to the table but they were often like web series or they were to do with finding love again and I just wasn’t really interested in putting my personal life on display again,” Harris says by phone in a recent interview from California.

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