Is tom welling dating kristin kreuk

star, who portrayed the popular superhero Superman aka Clark Kent on the 2001 TV series, was hit with divorce papers from his wife of over 10 years Jamie White Welling, E! Welling's estranged wife filed the documents on Wednesday, Oct.16, in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their dissolution of marriage and marked that she is seeking spousal support."Lana and Clark just don't know how to be together properly, even though they love each other a lot," Kreuk said."He distances himself from [Lana] because he doesn't want to hurt her.this isn't so much of a question as it is me spilling my guts. My girlfriend, Emily, basically started avoiding me about two weeks before Christmas, then a few days after she broke up with me. then I went out with Kristin, and two days later, Jan 25, I saw Emily kiss her boyfriend. (Fun fact: Kristin broke up with me Feb 13 in a note, but its ok I was going to dump her after valentines day) Now I like someone else, one of Emily's friends and I don't know what to do. 2 Answers My to best Friends (Alex and Tom) have been going out for 14 months already but scince the last time they saw eachother in china like 1/2 a year a go Tom hasnt replide to her nether to me so what schould I tell my best friend alex to do? then she got a boyfriend, and I realized I still liked her, but I got over it again.The CW charmer has kept a relatively low profile since his long-running superhero show wrapped after 11 seasons back in 2011, but it looks lke Clark Kent kept himself in good shape!! We're only sad that we don't have X-ray vision of our own to see what he's rocking — if anything — underneath! We have to say, boi would still be our first round pick!

"Tom and I get along really well and I trust him a lot and I really like him, so it's easier in that way, but it's technical and professional and in no way romantic." Still, thousands of women would trade places with Kreuk, well, faster than a speeding bullet. In tomorrow's episode, Lana goes to Metropolis to retrieve Clark, but he resists her and sets their affair off course.

on Thursday evening (January 15) at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actor is rarely spotted making appearances on the red carpet.

He would obviously be Superman…" is a powerful female-driven show and it might lose some of its spunk if Superman returns.

Even though it was so popular, there are some facts we bet even the biggest star Milo Ventimiglia almost landed the part of Clark Kent — or that Amy Adams made an appearance in an early episode as a fat-sucking vampire!

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