Its just lunch dating in michigan

No weekends9-6 schedule Its like running your own business You control our paycheck Cons - Owner doesn't care about employees (no benefits were provided)- "Directors" (sales) were cutthroat and came off as extremely fake- Clients were spoiled and rude and would blame dating coordinators for their inability to be successful- Directors would bring on just about any client to hit quota, regardless of whether or not we had appropriate matches for them in our active client files what they’re looking for.

Thanks to the breadth and diversity of our client base, we welcome new clients to the IJL experience daily.

From spending hours sorting through online profiles looking for a good match to trying to connect via pokes, winks and email, dating can suddenly feel like a full-time job.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just fast forward to the fun part of dating?

No weekends9-6 schedule Its like running your own business You control our paycheck Inconvénients It is remote and working from home sometimes can be hard.

Money could be bettera little unorganized at times because of so many people that do not really communicate with each other.

It’s a no pressure, relaxed setting where you can actually talk face-to-face.

Always striving to help as many people as possible.

I was shocked when I first started working here and found myself speaking to popular News Anchors and Football and Baseball stars..

Avantages Good work life balance Work from Home Office, you get to speak to and help all different types of people.

Accommodating regarding schedule and very flexible. Ongoing training and support is received DAILY from this company. Is been a pleasure working for It's Just Lunch!!!

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