Japanese version of chatrandom

This version of the software was a big improvement from previous versions and includes several new features and a new user interface.

Hempton has described the act of looking for models on Chat Random as having a sense of wilderness about it and acknowledges a differing tone from the intimacy of painting those known to her.There is also a simple module for creating effects included on the website, which mainly consists of adding image files, videos, and converts them to a Many Cam friendly format. The Many Cam website has a database of more than 9,500 webcam video effects, most of which were contributed by users.Many Cam uses a webcam or video camera as input for the software itself and then replicates itself as an alternative source of input.Visible inside a small window on the computer screen, only identified by their location and sometimes a username, Hempton meets strangers – all encountered have been male – online and asks them to model for her whilst continuing the chat connection.Chatrandom.com, like its alternative chatroulette.com, began with a utopian incentive to provide a global platform for human interaction and has largely evolved into a site used for sexual encounter or exposure.

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