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At least contractual negotiation involves some face to face interaction -- maybe even some flirtation. There's even a clause declaring that both parties are independent contractors and not looking to form an employment relationship. got her wits together and is holding out for someone who knows she's good enough for a fully individualized agreement.That beats trying to hack Tinder in order to get someone to respond to your desperate "hey." There's definitely something potentially cute and charming about drafting a contract for love as well -- in an awkward, Ally Mc Beal way. The contract starts by reviewing the relationship between M. Forget the battle of the sexes, this is the battle of the forms. She claims that she was named "Elliot" because her parents expected a boy. She has a cousin named Layla who is a "fatty-fatty-fatty".Elliot has 4 brothers who are all doctors, but only 2 are known: Barry who is gay, and Bradley. Her second year at Sacred Heart, Elliot refused to follow the specialty her father desired, and he cut her off financially. Kelso that she refuses to follow typical female doctors who end up in family practice or as maternity doctors.Apparently, the lawyer's lover didn't take the confidentiality clause very seriously. Now they're together in Broward County, planning on a date of "either a wine and movie night or dinner and drinks at a local establishment on Fort Lauderdale beach (the "'Beach.')." Aww, young litigators in love. From Cute to Creepy in Three Clauses or Less Then the contract gets plain weird -- or lazy. Instead, it's contract boilerplate that any lawyer could whip up after 30 seconds on Google.

Elliot first appeared in the pilot episode "My First Day" and last appeared in "Our Stuff Gets Real" as pregnant with J. These issues led her to see a number of different shrinks her whole life as well as cause her to develop neurosis. She grew up on an orchard and was raised by her housemaid Consuela.

I can still remember when Party of the First Part and I fell in love.

Our eyes met across the court room aisle and I knew he would be mine -- so I drafted a dating contract and got ready to negotiate.

He has lived in four apartments and on a half-acre over his eight years at Sacred Heart.

He previously lived with best friend Christopher Turk during college, med school, and for the first four years at Sacred Heart, and Elliot during the fifth and part of the sixth year at the hospital. He drove a scooter named Sasha until it got gunned down by cops.

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