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This material is also ideal for small group Bible studies and youth groups!

Uncensored deals with the hot topics of sex and dating for Christian teens but with cultured taste.

Currently, she is leading an incredible team in the Atlanta area where amazing growth is happening once again. and the globe, speaking in countless venues to teenagers and college students as well as their leaders.

We would like to share one factor in our ministry that has made our lives incredibly easier. I had a mentor about six years ago tell me, “There are two ways to learn in life, #1 is your mistakes and #2 is reading about other’s mistakes.” He then smiled at me and said, “It’s easier to read about other’s mistakes and do the right thing.” I’ve heard John Maxwell say that not all readers are leaders but all real leaders are readers.

I find myself totally agreeing with John Maxwell and one of my mentors.

Youth Pastors, Let us start by saying it is really humbling to be given a position to help other Youth Pastors and Leaders when we ourselves are still learning so much every day about God, ministry and teens.

We definitely do not have all the answers but we are actively searching, praying and studying on how we can win this generation to Christ.

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