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Aired 9-10p ET • Justice Department Names Special Counsel in Russia Investigation. Aired 8-9p ET • Trump Fires FBI Director Comey; Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued In FBI's Russia Investigation; Trump Admin Wants FBI To Get Aggressive On Leak Probes.

House Candidate Accused Of Body Slamming Reporter; DOJ: Sessions Did Not Disclose Russia Meetings And Other Foreign Contacts On Security Clearance Form; Comey Notes Not Turned Over To Congress; New Arrests In Manchester Bombing Investigation; Melania Trump On The World Stage. Aired 11p-12mn ET • Trump Reverses Course on Comey Explanation; NY Times: Comey Became Unsettled By Interactions with Trump. Kinzinger: If Trump Has Nothing To Hide This Will Exonerate Him; Javier Valdez Shot Dead In Mexico.

She’s a 64-year-old woman and some people around the office don’t like her much as a person (good worker though), and she’s been with the company for 12 years. Our work rarely overlaps, so there’s no work-based issue here. Last week, a coworker complimented me on a presentation I made to his team and she said, “She (me) probably didn’t know what she was talking about or understand the topic.” A few months ago, she said to me, “Your boobs hang out of your shirts like the girls on The Bachelor.” (My colleagues and HR contact assured me this is not the case.) When she apologized, she said, “I’m sorry I said that, but it’s kind of true.” This has been going on for about the last 12 months. I don’t want to complain or take the low road and return the nasty comments, but it’s really getting to me, to the point where I have been in tears by the time I get home. Raises Terror Threat Level, Another Attack Possibly Imminent; Family Searching for Missing Teen; Trump Expected To Retain Attorney For Russia Inquiry; Ex-CIA Chief: Contacts Between Trump Campaign And Russians; Manafort Turn Over 300 Pages Of Documents To Senate Cmte; Interview with Rep. Aired 9-10p ET • Exclusive Interview with Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Times: Comey Became Unsettled By Interactions With Trump; Trump: Russia Probe Is Greatest "Witch Hunt Of A Politician"; Trump Advisers Looking For An Outside Legal Team; Rep. Aired 9-10p ET • James Comey will publicly testify again before the Senate Intelligence Committee; President boasted about firing Director Comey; President's speaking style has continued to get him into trouble; Aired 8-9p ET • NYT: Trump Told Russians In Oval Office That Firing "Nut Job" Comey Eased "Great Pressure" From Probe; Sources: White House Lawyers Researching Impeachment; Comey To Testify In Public Before Senate Intel Committee; Sources: Russians Bragged About Relationship With Flynn; Embattled President Trump Sets Off On First Foreign Trip.This woman sounds like a horrible relative who you’d have to put up with for the sake of family harmony — how awful that she’s shown up in your office, sitting right next to you.Fortunately, because she’s not a relative, you have more leeway in dealing with her.

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