John callahan actor dating

He followed that up with a two-year appearance as Eric Stavros, the playboy son of Cesar Romero, on the primetime serial, Falcon Crest.

John didn’t mind because, as he says, “the reason I’m still alive and happy is this 7-year-old.” Despite the divorce, John and Eva “get along great now” — the actor would sometimes even stay at his ex-wife’s home when working on in Los Angeles.He has spent much of his life in battle: against his ex-wives, against booze, bad managers and bankruptcy, and against critics who’ve considered him too uncool for rock ’n’ roll.Legendary Village Voice critic Robert Christgau derided him as “a force of nature and bad taste.” Today, at 65, Billy Joel is in the midst of an unprecedented residency at Madison Square Garden.“I would stay there if I had to work two days in a row and I got to see Kaya even more during the week as opposed to the weekends,” he notes. The Days studio is only minutes away from Kaya’s mom.” “I waited a long time to have my daughter and I’ve never been happier,” John, 55, explains.The pair love spending time together and try to make the most of the time they see each other.

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