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Directed by Henry Cornelius from a script by John Collier, I Am a Camera stars Laurence Harvey as Isherwood and Julie Harris recreating her Tony Award winning performance as Sally Bowles.

I Am a Camera was critically unsuccessful upon its release in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and the film was subjected to restrictive ratings.

Text messages would be produced that showed Jones texted the complainant's mother, telling her she was going to kill her daughter. Hakeke is alleged to have lured the complainant to a Green Bay, West Auckland, home where Steele said Torrance and Jones "ambushed" the woman.

They are alleged to have tasered her repeatedly, cut off her hair, and forced her to sign over her car.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A teenager was subjected to what the Crown has called an "inexplicably brutal" attack because she was rumoured to have slept with another woman's boyfriend, a court has heard.

Five people have gone on trial in the High Court at Auckland facing charges varying from threatening to kill, to kidnapping, sexual assault and attempted murder.

Broke and frustrated with his writing, Christopher plans to spend the night in but his would be gigolo friend Fritz insists they go to a night club to see Fritz's new inamorata, Sally Bowles, perform.

The Fine Pix XP80 rugged digital camera is waterproof to 50ft./15m, shockproof from 5.8ft./1.75m, freezeproof to 14°F/-10°C, dustproof The Fuji Film Fine Pix XP80 is lightweight in the hand, yet feels durable.

The grip on the front of the camera and the thumb rest on the back of the camera ensure a firm grasp of the camera.

The characters within these films were frequently portrayed as compliant, sexually repressed, hysterical, or as independent, aggressive femme fatales, often within the same film.

Anna Moore combines the film genre framework with structuralist investigations of cinematic codes, mise-en-scene, character, and narrative.

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