Kids dealing with parents dating

When parents divorce or separate, their children’s world is often turned upside down.

Feelings of loss, anger and confusion are common among children whose parents have separated or divorced.

Week after week, Debbie would expect to meet her, only to be told that she was away at a soccer match, staying with her mother, or out with friends.

Here are some guidelines to consider concerning post-divorced dating and your children: Adjusting to the idea of dating isn’t just for parents. Constance Ahrons, author of The Good Divorce and We’re Still Family and professor emeritus at University Southern California, recently completed a 20 year longitudinal study on children of divorce.She found that the young children she studied worried about how their parent’s dating process was going to affect them.Children between the ages 5 and 10 were more possessive of their mother than older children.If you’ve decided to start dating, it is important for you to discuss and accept all of your child’s feelings when this happens.It’s also critical that you carefully consider who will be spending time around your children.

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