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A big reason for this is that Lavalife was going strong -based personals service, with members in the U. In 2001, the service was revamped and relaunched as “Lavalife”.

What this means is that it’s no surprise that Lavalife is as popular as it is – it’s been perfecting it’s act for a long time.

It took years for the owners to get rid of the site’s original name of Webpersonals until it became in 2001.

Since then,’s membership roster has had a steady rise.

When users register to become a member of Lavalife, they enter the usual prerequisite personal information, like on any other dating site it is a familiar process.

By Evil 2015 and just wanted a new post from last year it saved both time and expertise to meet partners.When the internet came around, Lavalife’s creators took advantage of this new platform by subsequently creating their own online dating website.As time passed, the owners bought an already existing online dating site that was known as Webpersonals.Lavalife started as a broadcast service that provided automated telephone answering to callers.It then evolved into a dating service over the phone that was then referred to as Telepersonals.

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