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At times, this elevation is a good and enjoyable thing, but sometimes it makes a hard situation worse.It’s important that you feel ready and confident in your decisions about having sex.By systematically comparing female and male liver cells at various points in the , they observed that female cells contained a highly condensed chromosome that was absent in chromosome spreads of male cells.

In a healthy relationship, both partners are able to express their feelings and respect each other’s boundaries about sex.“You both need to agree on the meaning that you are going to give the sexual relationship.” If having sex means you’re in love with this person and this is your way of expressing it, make sure your partner knows that.If it’s just sex and you aren’t looking for a commitment from it, be sure to make that clear.But don’t believe everything you hear - some people find their first time having sex to be really comfy, fun, and enjoyable.For others, it does feel uncomfortable, and it can hurt.

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