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A Leo is the pure extrovert, outgoing, sociable and determined to be the life and soul of the party.If there isn't a party, or the party wants to go its own way and avoid being bossed about by the Leo who wants to take it over, that Leo will either become bad-tempered or withdraw into a sulk.Although that's true for Taurus and Leo, that doesn't make it an easy relationship.Fixed signs are like the sign says -- fixed, immovable, penetrating, stubborn and lovers of stability. With Taurus and Leo, there's a hard square angle, for tension and conflict.Two people whose zodiac signs are highly compatible will get along quite easily no matter how careless, hasty and upset they might be at times.They are just "on the same wavelength" most of the time.Of a sunny disposition, the pure Leo nevertheless has a commanding personality and always stands out from the crowd.He or she either dominates or, if resisted, endeavours to dominate, not being afraid to try a little bullying.

A Leo woman is a very is strong, aggressive and fiercely independent but together with all this she is exceptionally generous to those whom she loves, with all the beauties of female in her aura.Once Taurus lets their hair down, they let it all hang out -- many love to lounge around in the buff!Leo has a bit of the exhibitionist in their make-up too -- get ready for some artful tableau and gestures of sensuality!The Leo man is very kind and loving person, inside out, but he is always in a crowd, more often the center of it all.He loves the spotlight and never wastes his charm and energy anywhere else.

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