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Aries prefers mad, passionate sex, while Taurus enjoys a night of long, sensual lovemaking. Aries’ physical stamina combines with Gemini’s mental energies to produce hot sex, fun times, and a magnetic rapport.But Taurus is the most patient of all the signs, and can entertain Aries’ fiery nature and demands for attention. However, be wary of the dangers: while both possess tremendous endurance, they risk overextending the relationship and burning out early.Capricornians are too sensitive and they do not express themselves and their feelings easily. Capricornians are loyal to their soul mates and hope the same from them. They have high ambitions in life and burn their fats to accomplish their goals.

This pair likes to live in the practical world, strive hard to fulfill their paramount aim in life.Born in between 21st December and 20th January, Capricorns are ambitious, stolid and have a strong sense of responsibility.These very traits seem to characterize their love lives too which though outwardly staid and practical burns with a deep passion within.So, while dating a Capricorn, you are likely to find them taking their time in warming up to you.This natural reserve on the part of a Capricorn may seem disconcerting at first but is only their way of judging a person and situation since it is important for them to know where they stand and how to make their way to the goal.

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