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Like message boards, chat rooms are popular spots for so-called flame wars in which two or more users enter into a tirade of insults sparked by a minor disagreement.

But these same factors can also work in your favor.

An internet relationship (or online relationship) is generally sustained for a certain amount of time before being titled a relationship, just as in-person relationships.

The major difference here is that an internet relationship is sustained via computer or online service, and the individuals in the relationship may or may not ever meet each other in person.

One of the unfortunate realities of chat rooms is that sexual talk -- sometimes harmless, sometimes explicit -- often appears in rooms that have nothing to do with dating, sex or relationships.

If you're going to spend a lot of time in chat rooms, you have to learn to ignore all the noise and concentrate on your own conversations.

It's really easy to fake your identity in a chat room. It's hard to tell if that nice Christian gentleman is for real, or if he's really a teenage girl out to have a little fun online.

If you or someone you know is threatened by another student, take them seriously.Volunteering at a Christian charity is a good bet, too.As a way to meet that special someone, online chat is a mixed bag.The anonymity of chat rooms also encourages people to share unabashed opinions.People tend to state their thoughts and opinions more emphatically in chat rooms than they would ever dare in real life.

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