Live updating line graph in wpf

Right click on the project and add a folder View Models.Right click the folder and add a class Main Window If you do not know what this means, it's that the library or source code can be used, reused and sold as part of your commercial project without need to change your code license or pay for the control.Brief documentation located here: You can run live demo version from here: example with some custom styles - simple example that uses default styles Note: these samples provided from Source Code section sources. Complete this form to send a request to become a member of this project.The easiest way to include Oxy Plot in you application is by using the Nuget package manager in Visual Studio.Open op Visual Studio and start with creating a new WPF project. After the project is created open up the Package Manager Console and type following commands at the prompt and hit enter (after every command): You can of course use the Package Manager UI by right clicking References and choose Manage Nuget Packages and them that way.

As a very basic example of So C, think about HTML, CSS and Java Script, where all these technologies have a well-defined purpose.

You can use it directly from HTML (for those who are not working with Silverlight or WPF) or include it into your Silverlight/WPF projects.

The control is developed under very friendly BSD license.

We’ll use the MVVM model (partial) to render the Graph on the screen.

First step is to create the View Model for our Main

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