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Continue Reading →First, Let me introduce you to the book by Sleazy: In Club Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars, Aaron Sleazy systematically and thoroughly describes how you …Continue Reading →Disclaimer: This is based on my life experiences being cold approaching for more than 20 years.Aside, I'm sure Microsoft will weigh in as doing something new & exciting so as to break this. We recently launched a new team database in Lotus Notes.Thousands of files were broken when they introduced Word 2010, and I've yet to see any substantial action to recover them. We're noticing some senders (specifically, other Lotus Notes team database IDs) email's are coming in flagged normal priority.After realising that a lot of people are ill-informed about Lotus Notes / Domino and its capabilities, I have established this blog (built on Lotus Notes! specific to Microsoft Word 2016 and not Lotus Notes. Please help me redress the balance by sharing your experiences of Lotus Notes and posting all things good about the product - how you use it, how it helps you and how it helps your organisation. There's an outside chance you may need to add the following registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ODMA32\ANSIon NTIf it's specific to Microsoft Word 2016 and not earlier versions, it'd appear that it's ...ANSWER: 4.8 cm (the 40 000 km circumference makes no difference).

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How do we remove the flag on specific users so future emails do not automatically get flagged? Absolutely, for pure email attachments you have a number of non C / client choices (assuming you have a Domino server):* Use a .

The Serb celebrates as if he's found the winning lottery ticket stuffed down the back of the sofa, while Baghdatis leaves the arena with his held, rightly, held high.

Baghdatis 1-6 6-7 (1-7) 7-6 (7-5) 2-5 Djokovic I'm sorry, but that's genius from Djokovic who, just like the world's greatest postman, always delivers when he needs to. Swinging his head at change over to his fans' chants, legend!

Net IMAP / POP3 library* Use REST ( Data )* Write your own domino SOAP web service & call from . After 12 years running numerous business applications in Notes I am trying to deploy similar business apps on Drupal and other MS platforms and it is incredible pain in the ass!!!

What took hours in Domino takes days and weeks in php/Drupal.

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