Louise and francis boulle dating

Francis dated two girls this summer and his co-star thinks that he should be more careful.Unimpressed with the bachelor's behaviour, Binky told Digital Spy: "His playboy label is not unfair - it's actually what happened, surprisingly to the whole nation, that he's now a player."But it will come bite him in the arse, I'm sure." During this year's Made in Chelsea South of France summer special, Francis left Georgia Toffolo heartbroken after a brief fling, whilst he was also dating co-star Olivia Bently. Toff was not happy and accused Francis and Olivia of being show offs, flaunting their relationship in her face.Jamie Laing Jamie used to date former cast members Caggie Dunlop and Millie Mackintosh. Andy Jordan Andy is a keen surfer and has ambitions to set up his own watersports business. We don't think there has been one single series in which womaniser Spencer Matthews hasn't cheated on his girlfriend of the time. He must be compensating elsewhere for them to fall for his atrocious relationship etiquette... However, Louise sure did get the special treatment from Spenny when he did THE WORST possible thing you could ever do in a relationship and cheated on her IN HER OWN (most likely water with perfectly goose-feathered pillows) BED.

We are invited to believe that a well-schooled, but poorly educated, bunch of loaded twenty-somethings represent the new generation of Sloane Rangers. Heir to the Mc Vitie’s millions, he last hit the headlines after his girlfriend posted pictures of him masturbating online. Francis Boulle dropped out of university to be an ‘entrepreneur’ and uses catchphrases like ‘business is the warfare of the modern age and I am a general’ — though the family diamond mine must help.

Here’s what you need to know about the new summer series.

1) Francis Boulle is back After spending his recent years looking for gold in the jungle (no, really – he’s the heir to a diamond fortune), Francis Boulle is back on the show.

For those lucky enough not have witnessed the latest cruel twist in the world of reality television, I recommend Geordie Shore.

The show follows a dozen drunken louts through their various escapades and love affairs on Tyneside. The obsession with this genre of pseudo-reality, unscripted peep show seems unstoppable.

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