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First of all, yes there will be a scheduler but there won’t be any …Continue reading Amber’s beta officially started a few hours after the latest blog post 2 weeks ago, and I’ve made good progress in fixing bugs and adding features, thanks to the usual great testers in my forums. Continue reading We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Cartman: Yeah, especially that second one from the left. Kyle: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?! Cartman: Not that second one from the left; she had it goin' on! Anime artists have Bishie Sparkle, Western animators have (or used to have) the Twinkle Smile — simple visual shorthands that viewers intuitively understand.But in live action, often the only choice is to have the other characters how exceptionally attractive they think a character is, not whether they're being drawn attractive, or whether the viewers think they're attractive.GO GET FLASH PLAYER 10 OR ABOVE FIRST BEFORE TELLING ME THE NEXT BUTTON WONT WORK! Okay, I really rushed to finish it so please test it out for me, try all the buttons, and tell me if there's something wrong with it.So here's just some things I want to get through quickly before I go rest/eat/sleep.First of all, public service announcement: after a month of very intensive testing, my dating sim with optional crafting gameplay Amber’s Magic Shop it’s finally out!You can download a demo and get more info at the game’s official page: …

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Number of possible endings (including getting beat up for premature kissing)Stan:3Kyle:4Craig:53) Thank you everyone for the patience and support. Isn't funny how I'm literally blowing up the comment thread and stealing away all of it???I just wish it was less sexual and more about true actual romance!!!! : ( Honestly, you make me keep going back for more with the "Yeah, you damn Jew. You're someone who easily puts up with my extreme annoyingness! By the way, I WORKSHIP and ADORE how you picked the different characters' songs to match their personalities. But really, who can say if it's about Kenny, it wouldn't be in that area? Stop ignoring the comments and answer my damn questions already!Loosen up." line because it was literally the only thing on the game with real, serious romance in relationship-matters. I hate being surprised in the negative way or in other words, being surprised when it's something BAD! Can you please ask Samuraiflame to unblock me and also tell her I asked this: "But is it (referring to Demon Hunt) inspired by or based on the animation of the appearances of Japanese anime or the way manga looks? The audio is If I had to rate them on a challenge scale from easiness to difficulty, I'd say, Stan's the easiest, Kyle's the medium or middle, and NO DOUBT in my mind is CRAIG the hardest! I mean, he's literally the King of that Kind of Stuff. Is the animation of this supposed to be anime-based or no? I really like how you made it sort of anime based looking but sort of not at the same time.Sarah and her husband Will (Ben Falcone) act as proverbial Charons to LA intellectual parties.It is here that Eva’s predictable life gets rattled.

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