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In most cases, relationships between coworkers don’t pose a threat to employers.Relationships between supervisors and subordinates do create problems, though.This kind of notification policy is often referred to as a "love contract," as the employees involved are asked to sign a contract acknowledging the consensual status of their relationship.Employees should be reminded of relevant considerations, such as no public displays of affection at the workplace, and they should be given a chance to consult with an attorney before they sign the love contract.Other workers may claim that the subordinate employee received preferential treatment.For example, in 2007, a high-ranking executive at a major financial institution was forced to step down when it was discovered that he gave his girlfriend, another company employee, a pay raise.“You get to see people at their best and at their worst,” says Helen Olen, co-author of . what’s important to you, you get to see in an office.” This differs from casual meetups at bars or online where people may show only certain sides of themselves.Office relationships often also rise out of office friendships, in which mutual trust is already present.

So, is it possible to allow cupid’s arrows in the office—but steer clear of legal landmines? Cohen As the holiday season and the new year approach, many people are either looking for love or ending relationships. A recent survey revealed that almost half of employees have been involved in an office romance, and 20 percent admit to having met their spouse or long-term significant other while at work.Yet nearly half of those employees reported that they didn’t know if their company had a policy on office romances.Though traditionally maligned for reasons I’m about to get into, office romance can be beneficial for businesses. Lane III, author of , sees employee dating as a way to increase employee engagement.He argues that co-worker couples spend more time at work, take fewer sick days, and are less likely to quit.

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