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There’s Follin’s usual pairing of cheery melodies and sinister words, but here this sense of loneliness doesn’t just permeate reveals itself more as reliable extension of its predecessor than anything else.

At a crisp 11 tracks and 35 minutes, it isn’t exactly flush with opportunities for Follin and Oblivion to push themselves either.

Cults released an EP on Forrest Family Records, Cults 7", with the track "Go Outside" recorded by Paul Kostabi at Thunderdome Studios, They toured supporting the Richie Follin's Band with overlapping members for six months before signing to ITNO/SONY.

Their song "Go Outside" had a video made for it which starred Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

Robert Ham of Paste wrote, "Fortunately or unfortunately for Cults, the release of [Static] is going to be clouded with the news that the couple behind the music—singer/lyricist Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion—split up last year." Heather Fares of Allmusic wrote, "...breakups often provide plenty of songwriting fodder.

Writing and performing songs with an ex, as Cults did on their second album, Static, is probably a special circle of hell, but when the results are this good, it's worth it." She continued to say, "The album's imagery hints at Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion's breakup..yet their music is stronger than ever, balancing the elements they set forth on their debut with fewer gimmicks and more complexity." Static has received generally favorable reviews from several mainstream critic websites.

Another video featured the band inter-cut with footage of Jim Jones and Jonestown.

In 2011 Cults collaborated with the group Superhuman Happiness on a version of the track "Um Canto De Afoxé para o Bloco Do Ilê" for the Red Hot Organisation's most recent charity album Red Hot Rio 2. Proceeds from sales will be donated to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/HIV and related health and social issues.

Madeline had previously recorded with punk band Youth Gone Mad on the album, Touching Cloth.

Despite this dramatic alteration to the band’s dynamic, they agreed to keep making music together.

Their second album, , is a grim affair, faithfully appropriating both the hollowness of a break-up and their signature smothering tones of 60s girl groups, Phil Spector, et al.

Obviously the product of a rough patch in the lives of its creators, As with their debut, Cults’ production qualities are splendidly shitty, tweaked and scuffed with reverb, echo and delay, recalling a time where compact cassettes had yet to be invented.

Aside from a trickle of electronic embellishments, their sound is largely unchanged.

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