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They run 2,282 reserves, covering more than 360 square miles, many of them former gravel pits, quarries, opencast mines or land thought beyond any rescue or value because of its exploitation and pollution by industry. To celebrate this, and what we know to be our readers' interest in new places to explore nature, we have produced this two-part summer series, each highlighting 100 sites around the country.Girl friendly hotel guide advises where to go with a guest.Lewis has also tried his hand at stand-up comedy, reaching the final of Young Jewish Stand-up of the Year with a set written by two former University friends, comedian Gary Delaney and football writer Neil Andrews.One of the biggest issues that she and her friends have with online dating isn’t so much the people they meet, but which site they meet them on.

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In 2013, Lewis was given an honorary doctorate in business administration from the University of Chester.

The idea that our flora and fauna are in inexorable decline from some pre-industrial Eden-like state is questionable.

First, because they are tougher, more regenerative, than we usually admit; second because they are, and always have been, in a state of flux (to take birds, for every species leaving there is at least one arriving); and, third, because of the achievements of what is so wrongly called the conservation movement.

In the book they discuss the pros and cons of the different options facing them. With thousands of new apps and sites being created faster than we can download them, it’s hard to know where to start.

Even if you used to successfully online date, but have found yourself single again, it can be difficult to know exactly what sites you need to be surfing.

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