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Matthew shared a snap of them both standing with their backs to the camera, wearing nothing but boxer shorts." The Warrens combined personal moments from their story—Kay hugging her son's body as the coroner took it away, Rick reading sympathy letters from people who Matthew had led to Christ—with their advocacy for a more robust response to mental illness and their continued hope in God. Even as evangelical leaders like the Warrens and former Southern Baptist Convention president Frank Page (who lost a daughter to suicide) publicly share their stories, mental illness continues to be seen as a spiritual deficiency or character flaw by some Christians.Christian leaders and viewers tweeted along to the hour-long conversation; their hashtag, #Warrens On CNN, trended into this morning. Researchers also found that 54 percent of Americans said churches should do more to prevent suicide, and 68 percent said they would feel welcome in church if they were mentally ill.Usually he'll want to be more physically affectionate in terms of hugging and kissing, and he'll feel more protective towards you in public.As soon as a guy's heart is soaring, he'll want everyone to know about it and sing from the rooftops like he's in the Sound of Music.

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