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This New Zealand player recently moved to Switzerland to be closer to her wife, former Football Ferns player Priscilla Duncan.Her third FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign, she is taking the Football Ferns to Canada as vice-captain.Lately, people have been coming out to us and, like, that being their first time that they tell anybody about it… We love to be a sort of safe haven for people in our music, in our personalities or whatever ways that we can connect to them.

Meet some of the footballers who are scoring a goal for LGBTI rights: Nadine Angerer is a 36-year-old German player and captain of Germany’s national team.

For the past seven weeks, the Number One song in the U. Trainor, who grew up in Nantucket, Massachusetts, had long aspired to a career in music – but she always thought it would be as a songwriter, not a singer. One person wrote, "I really like your song, but I wish you were bigger." Sorry, thank you. We took my aunt, who was young – around 21 – so she could babysit us.

has been "All About That Bass," Meghan Trainor's catchy pep talk for those who don't have model-skinny bodies. Then they made me wait in the conference room for 20 minutes with no cell phone, and I almost killed myself. Finally he came back and said, "We got you a record deal, girl! Even if I wasn't a pop star, I wanted to at least say I got a record deal and I got dropped. I ain't teensy-weensy, but I think I'm regular. My uncle is from Trinidad – we went there on a family vacation.

He was the one that wrote the "skinny bitches" line. I never let them know it was about him – that was a big secret, and now it's out [].

And that's when we said, "We'll never make a dime off this. [Reid, head of Epic] was the first one to say, "Who's singing it? From there, what was the point when you thought you could do music professionally?

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