Michael clarke dating

In the echo chamber of social media, the truth about Michael Clarke was warped, then lost.Clarke's enigma deepened but he kept his mouth shut and his dignity intact, knowing the chance to tell his extraordinary story would finally come.Clarke was the one to read a heartbreaking statement on the family's behalf after Hughes passed away last Thursday.

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Earlier on Wednesday Australian cricketer David Warner gave thanks to his ‘amazing’ baby daughter and fiancée for helping him as he grieves after attending friend and former teammate Phillip Hughes’ funeral.

This guy started to give me advice: 'Can I get a selfie?

And by the way…' Unh-unh, bro."Clarke and Mac Farlane reportedly started dating in 2012 and eventually split up in 2013 as a source told E!

Yet Michael Clarke also sparked fiercer debate than any other Australian sports star.

For a decade his personal life, career fortunes and controversies - real or imagined - were splashed across front pages and scrutinised.

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