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So it's no surprise that Daddario fielded a question about the rumor at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. News' Jason Kennedy asked the 31-year-old actress, who plays lifeguard Summer Quinn in the upcoming reboot, about the buzz on the red carpet before the awards ceremony.

He even read out a hilariously enthusiastic comment on one of those aforementioned flirty Instagrams from a fan who is hardcore shipping the stars.

Miley Cyrus was expecting to have an average Wednesday night when her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, snatched her up and brought her to the hottest party in town — the Goggle & T-Mobile Launch Event for Google Music in Hollywood Nov. “Miley, Liam and Zac Efron snuck in the back and she said Liam kidnapped her to go! “She didn’t want to take any pics.” The insider adds, “She was dancing all night and really getting super sexy with Liam during ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ Afterward, they all were planning to go to a private party Zac was hosting at the Roosevelt.” We were at the bash too and loved seeing Drake perform after Adam Levine and his crew.Zac Efron just revealed that his idol Michael Jackson was a big fan of his!The 29-year-old actor once got a phone call from the late entertainer and he impersonated Michael‘s voice while reliving the call during an interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Monday (May 22).This celebrity couple started dating when Mila Kunis was but 19 years old.They spent a whopping eight years together, reportedly sharing a place for half of their relationship...

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