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A mutual fund is a collection of stocks, bonds and other investments, pooled into one account.That shares the risk and smoothes the fluctuations in value of the individual investments.

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The National Association of Securities Dealers assimilates the NAV of each registered fund and compiles the results into a basic list that it distributes to news services and other security reporting agencies.It is backed by a Morningstar quote feed and should prove to be more useful to more users than ” We remember that quotes used to be a big factor in the size growth in Money files. one with all of the investment info, and one slower-growing.Anyway, it does honor Money’s selection of about what quotes get downloaded.The SEC requires each fund to calculate its net asset value and report it to the National Association of Securities Dealers by 5 p.m. To calculate that value, the fund determines the closing or last sale price of all securities and the worth of any other investments in its portfolio.Then it deducts any fees or expenses, and it divides that total by the number of shares in the fund.

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