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If Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday is when things get serious.That’s when Americans trade trips to the mall for shopping online, and retailers start dropping discounts on popular gifts. With thousands of sales that last anywhere from the entire weekend to just a few minutes, it’s hard to tell what’s a good deal and what’s just hype. "Shodan has started to grab screenshots for various services where the existing text information didn't provide much information," founder John Matherly wrote in an email. Or perhaps you're into a specific street corner in Guangzhou China? Full access to over 1,000 webcams — Of course, tech-savvy spies have always been able to tap into unsecured webcams or hack into poorly protected devices, but the new feature on Shodan makes it easier than ever for anyone to browse a library of webcams that have not been password protected.In addition to its many articles, Infosecurity Magazine also offers regular (free) webinars, whitepapers and virtual conferences.CSO provides news, analysis and research on a broad range of security and risk management topics.

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All weekend long, we’ll use our expertise to find deep discounts on products that are worth buying.

Users reported that dozens of sites including that of CNN, the Wall Street Journal and some businesses hosted by could not be reached.

Dale Drew, chief security officer at communications provider Level 3, said that other networks of compromised machines were also used in Friday's attack, suggesting that the perpetrator had rented access to multiple so-called botnets.

They offer articles, videos, webinars, analysis, case studies and even have a “scam of the week” section where they highlight a recent hack. It features webcasts and three IT Security shows —Paul’s Security Weekly, Hack Naked TV and Enterprise Security — that you can listen to or watch on a number of channels including i Tunes, You Tube, Google Play and many more.

Data Gravity is written by a collection of contributing bloggers from the security space.

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