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"My school friends don't know; if you bring up HIV they're quite ignorant." As one of the first countries in southern Africa to start rolling out a national antiretroviral (ARV) treatment programme that now reaches nearly 100 percent of those who need the medication, Botswana has a rapidly growing population of children infected at birth who are surviving into adolescence.

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JAMES HIGH SCHOOL F RAMOLOKO SEBINA CLOUDIA 6 229002 SEEISO HIGH SCHOOL M RAMORUTI TSEBANG PETER 6 234002 ST. JAMES HIGH SCHOOL F TLAKA SEBONGILE 7 212001 LERIBE E. HIGH SCHOOL M BOROTHO AKHENTE ERNEST 7 222007 KHETHISA HIGH SCHOOL F KHANARE LEBOHANG 7 232004 ST.Often the name of the man who led the splinter group was taken as the new tribe's name.Today there are 59 different groups in South Africa who now accept the overall name of Tswana."Adolescence, as a period of development, has the highest risk for therapeutic failure - not just for ARVs, but any medication for a chronic illness," he told IRIN/Plus News."I call it the 'inconvenient truth' of paediatric HIV - it's great that you can put children on ARVs, but you have to realize that one day they're going to grow up and become teenagers, and all the challenges and headaches that come with adolescence are going to impact on their behaviours." Julia Rosebush, a doctor at the Children's Clinic, which provides care and treatment to HIV-infected infants and children through a partnership between the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative and the Botswana government, has already seen how teenage rebellion can translate into treatment failure.

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