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It's not a critical thing and I can leave this as C:\MRTG, but for my own knowledge I want to know how others have managed to get this to operate within Program Files or Program Files (x86).I have tried enclosing all the path names in quotes in the registry entries for MRTG service, but the results are the same.I've encountered this phenomenon on two servers, now - Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise and virtual machine running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. Having created an MRTG folder in either Program Files or Program Files (x86), installed the appropriate version of perl and created a cfg file, I can run MRTG from a command prompt window and have it operate normally, updating the html files every 5 minutes.

Do you get some other error from the mrtg output when this happens? After the first error it stops updating the file with the stats, but if the problem stays some time (I'm sorry but I don't know that exact time), after the problem is solved it doesn't update the file anymore.Hi, Right now, when rateup fails it stops updating the file and only the logfile remains in the system.When the error is solved I am not able to reuse that logfile anymore (the one), because the timestamps are not udpated (basically, mrtg doesn't update them if the last one is older than X hours), so I'm losing the historical information in case of error. That's not how it normally works; as long as the target name stays the same, the log file updates should resume again once the device is pollable again.So, clearly something doesn't like the path name with spaces in it.However, I have seen numerous documents on the web showing users installing MRTG into Program Files and having the Windows service run properly.

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