My supervisor is intimidating

He feels intimated when he has to speak to superiors.

He told me he gets tongue-tied, whether it be a one-on-one conversation or a presentation in a meeting. He, and many others I’ve coached over the years, feel intimated because they feel “less than” the people they are in front of.

Your beloved Captain has a problem and a problem that has been bothering him for quite some time.

Try as he might, he has had no success in figuring out a phenomenon he has regularly ran into in his life.

I ask because when I have rammed heads with management in the past (which has pretty much been always) my peers, friends, family and loved ones always say, "Well, he/she is probably just intimidated by you.

They know you can do a better job than them and are smarter than them." To this my original response was disbelief.

Later that day the rest of the team left for lunch leaving just me and him.

Later that night, at dinner, all the other general managers told me they thought it was a great idea and I should do it anyway.I have a medical condition which causes me to have an irregular sleeping pattern which causes me to be late for work occasionally.The company directors both know about this and have been very supportive.Yesterday I was late for work and was accosted by this person who demanded to know why I was late.I said that I had already spoken to the company director about the reasoning for my absence which silenced him.

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