My supervisor is intimidating validating a drivers license in texas

I know being late is wrong and I ensure my time sheets are the same as co workers regardless of what time I start.2/3 weeks ago we took on a sales person to help bring in some work. This newly appointed person is a friend of the director and calls himself a Commercial Director.I ask because when I have rammed heads with management in the past (which has pretty much been always) my peers, friends, family and loved ones always say, "Well, he/she is probably just intimidated by you.They know you can do a better job than them and are smarter than them." To this my original response was disbelief.Normally if he sits down and ponders things he can figure it out, but not this one.

I said that I had already spoken to the company director about the reasoning for my absence which silenced him.I felt like I was speaking to a younger version of myself.As a young executive in professional baseball, I often felt this way.An incident after my first season as vice president/general manager of my first baseball team almost took me down even further.During my first season I came up with an idea to increase advertising revenue in our nightly game scorecard for the next season.

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