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Joe Croll asked her to assist him with the raffle saying to her (with microphone in hand) "I like your bra".I received a comment from a female staff member that could have been a compliment or an insult.This evening we saw The Dart Valley Stompers (pictured) playing at the Salisbury Jazz Club.The band comprised Graham Trevarton (trumpet, vocals), Ron Milford (trombone, vocals), Jeremy Huggett (clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax, vocals), Tony Mann (string bass), Howard Williams, (banjo, guitar) and Chris Stockings (drums).Merle’s bus, on the other hand, is usually quiet, even forbidding—its door closed, its tinted windows like drawn blinds.In Hampton, Virginia, at five o’clock one drizzly, cool January morning, Theresa Lane, Merle’s girlfriend (no one addresses Merle as Mr.

Within them, he has laid down one of the last great living catalogs of country-music songs that did perhaps the hardest and most wonderful thing a song can do—join together a handful of simple, commonplace words in a way that somehow makes them new and true and eternal, their wisdom and poetry hidden in plain sight.Both vehicles have tinted front windows and silvery windowless sides.The sides of the Strangers’ bus are emblazoned with a Santa Fe Railway logo and the words “The Chief”; Merle’s bus, with the same logo, reads “Super Chief.” Parked, the Chief is usually bustling, its door continually swung open and shut by a Stranger off to give a concert guest pass to a friend or an autograph to a fan, to check into or out of a motel room, to get a pack of cigarettes or a frozen burrito at a convenience store during a fuel stop, or just to stretch after yet another leg of the endless drive that is the most time-consuming and exhausting aspect of a modern itinerant musician’s life.Merle’s bus has a compact master bedroom, and bunk beds for Steve Van Stralen, Merle’s aide-de-camp, and Dean Holloway, Merle’s boyhood buddy, who generally share driving duties.It has a larger kitchen than the Strangers’ bus has, an extra bathroom, a thicker carpet, and seventy-two episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show,” whose whistling theme is part of the bus’s ambient sound.

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