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A White House national security aide was fired after being unmasked as the anonymous Twitter troll who had been taunting senior government officials.

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If there is a space for people to speak their mind anonymously, trolls will likely appear.Who says when you get old you sex drive slows down!Not these old bitches, they are hotter, hornier than ever!AOL Instant Messenger isn’t quite what it used to be — it has not, for instance, had those nasty anonymous chat rooms since 2010 — but you can still “chat, share and connect” in a window with that lil yellow guy in the corner, if you wish.Today’s AIM basically serves as a clearinghouse for other, more popular chat services: You can chat with your Facebook and Gchat contacts through it, view your Instagram and Twitter activity, and text message numbers in the U. Tellingly, the second question on the app’s FAQ page is “why did [it] change from the AIM I knew before?

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