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No other actor could fit this role, and I wouldn't want to see any other actor in this role.- via Instagram Soulcycle instructor Nicholas Spadaro and boyfriend Aaron Williams have a lust for life that shines through in all of their photos.and later host of his own television program, he has mastered the art of creating elegant, welcoming rooms in seemingly no time at all.(Just consider, as evidence of his abilities, the uproarious audience applause, tears of joy, and effusive Winfrey whoops that greeted his projects upon their unveiling.) In the case of his Manhattan duplex, the designer—true to form—executed one of his hallmark speedy transformations, with chic results that are a thoughtful reflection of his past.

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3 at a holiday party in NYC benefiting Faith in America and The Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Berkus bought the apartment, in a 19th-century Greenwich Village building, in 2011, after a period of renting a loftlike space in a mod Jean Nouvel–designed tower overlooking the Hudson River.

“I always had this New York fantasy of living in a glass high-rise,” he says, adding that he relocated from Chicago three years ago to film (no longer in production).

“I felt like I was living on a shelf.”His current address, discovered after several restless nights searching real-estate listings, was far from perfect when he found it, distinguished not by venerable millwork or original fixtures but by walls of whitewashed brick.

Still, the floor plan possessed the key elements he wanted, namely three bedrooms (two would be for guests) and a terrace.

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