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We just finished Crüe Fest II, which lasted 18 months. Y’know, backstage at a Crüe show isn’t really what it used to be.

three times, and went to Canada, Mexico, South America, Malaysia, Japan, and every country in Europe. And your immune systems probably need to recuperate after all the groupie sex. (Laughs.) Chicks are flashing all the time, and it’s just for our entertainment. He didn’t just give you the chord changes to “Looks That Kill,” did he? I was gonna say …He helped us get our hair to stand up straight.

These are the latest updates on the beloved giraffe as she prepares to give birth to her fourth calf at the zoo in upstate New York.

BST April, like any good TV star, knows where the camera is and lifts her head to say hello to everyone watching, could this be the day?

Hence the explosive popularity of The Elf on the Shelf comes with a short picture book and a small, stiff doll.

Parents read to their young kids the book, which tells the story of an elf who keeps an eye on a family during the day, then flies back to the North Pole at night to give Santa a sitrep.

The internet is adamant April is showing signs of contractions and could give birth later today.

And then “Home Sweet Home” kicks in, and you’ll be like “Oh my god, I totally remember that video,” and then you’ll Google it just to make sure it was as beautifully retarded as you remember. ”Eric Spitznagel: Why put out another Greatest Hits album? You’ve given the world the Titty Cam and the spinning mechanical drum kit, to name just a few. After almost 30 years, are you finally bored of tits? After this last tour, it started to get a little old. K., I have to look at boobs all day.” It gets tiresome.

You’ll sing along with the chorus of “Girls, Girls, Girls,” repeating lyrics that you never realized you knew. What cutting-edge technology are you working on now? Before every tour, we just sit down and come up with as many crazy ideas as we can. Here’s an idea for your next tour: Stiletto boots with rocket boosters in the heels. Tommy had this one crazy idea where he wanted to put his drums on a rollercoaster. Wouldn’t a Tommy Lee drum solo be a thousand times cooler if it ended with him vomiting on the crowd? We like the girls at our shows to be naughty everything. They’re naughty nurses, naughty cops, naughty parking attendants, naughty whatever. But then the tour ends and you don’t see tits everyday, and that’s when you start to miss it all over again.

After the kids go to bed, when the elf is supposedly making its long commute back to the North Pole, the parents must move the doll to a new spot—a bookcase, the mantel, or some other cozy nook.

Come morning, the kids try to find where the elf has situated itself for the new day.

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